Poverty is not a crime. Transportation is a right.

End Broken Windows Policing!

Fare beating describes any action involving an individual using the subway without purchasing a pass. This includes hopping the turnstile, being let in through the emergency door without paying and bending a MetroCard to trick the scanner into giving you a free ride. 

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We're trying to stop broken window policing because it is unfairly targeting black and Latino communities, homeless folks, LGBT youth, etc. So our most vulnerable communities are the ones that are targeted

our fight


We will continue to demand that NYC divest from hyper-policing Black & Brown people for being poor and to invest in our schools, youth, jobs, and resources that we need for a better quality of life. 

Our Mission


#SwipeItForward is a Black self defense action in sustained indignation to predatory policing in the transit system.  Our goal when we conduct actions is to #endbrokenwindows (for the time we down there) and show community solidarity.

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